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Dinosauria is a thrilling adventure for explorers of all ages. The heated swimming pool complete with water slides is a source of delight for everyone, while the Dino Fossil will keep budding archaeologists busy for hours. The bouncy hills and castles, slides, roundabout, maze and exciting Dino Island with moat ensure that there is never a dull moment, and for extra excitement there are the softball cannons of Battle Station Rex for a combat either with yourself or with a pal. And right nearby are refreshments and food the moment you feel hungry.

With the Visulahti-wristband you can also entrance to the HyperDino. Visulahti’s new indoor playing area, HyperDino, is aimed for children under 12-year-old. In HyperDino’s space-themed adventure park, your child can safely test his / her skills in climbing, bouncing and sliding in the slides. In HyperDino rainy day is not a problem, because the place is fully covered. There is also a game of skill area, where you can throw the ball, play basketball and floorball, challenge yourself with a climbing wall and have great time playing air hockey. A drawing wall is also available for young artists. While your child plays, you can enjoy pastry and a fresh coffee in the HyperDino’s cafeteria. In HyperDino you can arrange a sporty children’s invitations and memorable birthday parties. You can book the birthday room with servings. Visulahti’s Dino mascot can share the birthday gifts for children. Visulahti also remembers schools and kindergartens. A funny classtrip now available! For reservations and further information call number +358 15 182 81 or mail [email protected]

Be sure not to miss the Wax Cabinet! We are constantly adding to our collection, which has undergone a major update over the past year. The figures are made by well-known Estonian artists. Right now we have over 80 characters: presidents, cultural figures, celebs, sportsmen, fairytale characters and – of course – Santa Claus. The Wax Cabinet is open all year round.
Welcome to visit!


Xon-Park is full of action in safe surroundings. There are a wide range of exciting activities including bungee jumping, paintball, go-kart tracks, a giant swing, sumo wrestling, a bag jump, ATV safaris and snowmobiles!

Free access to the area during opening hours!

Visulahti provide a wide range of activities for all kind of visitors. Challenge your friends to minigolf, tennis, frisbeegolf, beachsoccer, volleyball and other games. All games and equipment are included into accommodation prices.

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