General conditions of sale

General conditions of sale

The following terms apply to all individuals, companies and other organizations (later “User”) who wish to purchase tickets from Puuharyhmä Oyj’s websites (later ’Website’):

1. Use of electronic resources

Users who use the online sales platforms on the Website shall comply with the applicable Finnish laws and the general terms of sale of the relevant park (Serena, Puuhamaa, Visulahti, Tropicland; later “Park”).

2. Purchase of tickets

All online purchases are final. When purchasing a ticket, the User automatically accepts all the rules and conditions of the Park, including: security, access and other regulations regarding their visit to the site. Tickets can only be purchased from the official Website. Failure to comply with the rules may result in cancellation of tickets, refusal of entry or removal from the Park. In this case, the User is not entitled to a refund of the ticket price. The User declares that all information provided by him, which is used during the use of the Website, and in particular during the ticket purchasing process, is accurate, current, complete and accurate. Before purchasing, the User must familiarize themselves with the opening hours of the Park.

3. Using the tickets

Tickets can be downloaded from the online store after the payment transaction. In addition, the User will receive a link to the email address he / she has provided, which allows the User download the ticket later. The ticket must be printed on paper or displayed on a mobile device before entering the Park. Changing, modifying and copying tickets is prohibited. The Park also checks whether the tickets are valid using a barcode reader. Presentation of a payment receipt, order number or ticket number in ticket sales of the Park does not entitle the User to admission.

4. Damaged entrance tickets

Printed access tickets must be protected against water and other liquids. Similarly, the mobile ticket must be readable from the display of the mobile device. If the tickets or barcodes of the tickets are damaged, the Park may refuse to accept the tickets. If the ticket is incorrect or fraudulently acquired, Puuharyhmä Oyj reserves the right to block access to the Park.

5. Tickets to the wrong Park

If the User makes a mistake and buys an entry ticket to a different Park than his or her purpose was, he or she is not entitled to claim compensation for that ticket. The ticket is only valid for the Park for which is was bought online. The name of the Park is clearly defined at each stage of the purchase process. The User must check this information before completing the purchase process.

6. Validity of tickets

Tickets are valid for the duration of their validity. Each ticket has a unique barcode and is only valid once. The validity period cannot be advanced or extended. Obsolete tickets are not accepted in the Park and no refunds are possible. Unused tickets will not be redeemed.

7. Adverse conditions and closing the Park

Due to dangerous weather conditions, power outages, large pipe bursts, fires, strikes, natural disasters or any other type of Force Majeure leading to partial or complete closure of the Park, the User is not entitled to a refund of the ticket. Park equipment, service points, pools, and other services may need to be shut down or restricted for some or all of their use, for example due to weather, technical reasons, power outages, pipeline failure, pool hygiene exception, or other Force Majeure exceptions; should it so happen, the User is not entitled to a partial or full refund of tickets, nor will the Park change or redeem the tickets.

8. Copyright Protection

All content on the Website is fully protected by copyright law. The use of the content of the Website for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

9. Disclaimers

Puuharyhmä Oyj shall be exempt from any personal and material damage caused by misuse of equipment and facilities or by violations of instructions, written rules and / or standards issued by personnel. Puuharyhmä Oyj shall not be liable for any damage caused by errors in networks, technical problems or system congestion, system failure or illegal processing, computer systems regardless of location, and other disturbances of this type. In addition, Puuharyhmä Oyj shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from services or information provided on the Website, except in the case of gross negligence or fraud due to the operations of Puuharyhmä Oyj. Puuharyhmä Oyj is also exempt from liability for damages caused to third party websites. Puuharyhmä Oyj hereby reminds the User that incorrect operation may lead to an undesirable interaction with other unknown sites, and that Puuharyhmä Oyj is in no way responsible for or in connection with content, services, and other properties offered in reference to the site of a third party. All information provided on the Website is solely for private use and its main purpose is to provide information to people who are coming to Puuharyhmä Oyj’s Parks. All information on the Website may be changed without prior notice.

10. Applicable law

These general terms and conditions are governed solely by Finnish law. All disputes between Puuharyhmä Oyj and the User, or arising from other matters, or otherwise related to such agreements and / or these terms of sale, shall be settled exclusively by the competent court in Finland.

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