Birthday Parties

Have a memorable birthday in Visulahti!
Super exciting birthdays can be booked either during the opening hours or outside opening hours for private reservation.  You can also book catering and a dino mascot to hand out gifts as a part of the birthday reservation.

During our opening hours the birthday area of the lobby is reserved for 2 hour birthday bookings (seats for 20 people). However, other people may also be in the area. The birthday group can continue having fun inside Hyperdino after the reservation until the closing time.

1 adult for every 10 children is required to be present for private reservations. Bring your own dishes and treats for private reservations. The area must be cleaned at the end of the birthday party.

Birthday price list
The following prices and services are up to date and available between 5.6-12.8.2023

Entrance fee: 11 € / child. Adults and supervisors free of charge
Tables reserved (seats for 20 people): 20 € / 2 hours

Catering packages:
Sweets (Soft drinks, Chips, Popcorn, Candy, Ice-Cream) 9,50 € / Child
HotDog (Soft drinks, Chips, Popcorn, Candy, Ice-Cream, HotDog) 11,50 € / Child
Veggie Bowl (For 6 Children: Pepper slices, Cucumber slices, Carrot slices, Dip sauce) 18,00 €
The minimum number of people for catering service is 6 people.

Dino-mascot visitation 40 €

Outside summer season & Private Reservations
Hyperdino reservations outside opening hours 180€ / 2 hours / maximum 20 children. Reservation includes entrance for maximum of 20 children, private use of the indoor playground, and the lobby area for serving own sweets.

Contact us here for reservations or further inquiry.

Hyperdino rules

  • Recommended age 4-12, younger children in adult’s company
  • Outdoor clothes, shoes, food, candy, chewing gum, drinks, and own toys are not allowed inside the playground
  • Keep your outdoor clothes, shoes etc. at the cloakroom at your own risk. Visulahti isn’t responsible for any lost items.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to supervise children when playing. Leaving children play on their own is prohibited.
  • Climbing and leaning against the safety net is not allowed. Slide down the slides feet first only. Running is also prohibited.
  • Avoid wearing clothes with drawstrings or other dangling apparel to minimize the risk of strangling.
  • Bullying and harassment is not allowed. Troublemakers are removed from the playground.

Online Tickets

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