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Dinosauria is a thrilling adventure for explorers of all ages. The heated swimming pool accompanied by water slides is a source of delight for everyone, while the Dino Fossil will keep aspiring archaeologists busy for hours. The bouncy hills and castles, slides, roundabout, maze, and the exciting Dino Island with moat ensure that there’s never a dull moment. For extra excitement there are softball cannons in Battle Station Rex for combat either by yourself or against a pal. Refreshments and food are right nearby in case you feel hungry or thirsty.

Old Carousel

The old carousel greets you right after your entry to Dinosauria. Will you jump on the smurf, duck, or horse?

Weight limit: 50kg

Halisaurus kiertelee huvipuistoalueella

Apollo carousel

Who dares to get in? You can enjoy the wind breeze while taking a ride on a model aircraft.

Weight limit: 50kg

Mini ferris wheel

This ferris wheel lets you scout the happenings of the park from above.

Weight limit: 50kg

Tea cup carousel

You can enjoy a calming experience or challenge yourself by spinning ferociously while sitting in a lovely tea cup in the middle of Dinosauria.

Height limit: 100cm min. (No height limit if accompanied by an adult)

Electric motor vehicles

Hop in one of our electric vehicles and take it for a ride.

Weight limit: 50kg

Chain carousel

The chain carousel is sure to top off your visit. Come fly!

Height limit: 100 cm

Ketjukaruselli on huvipuiston kestosuosikki

Speed train

This speedy train is sure to get your head dizzy. Hop in!

Height limit 120 cm (100 cm if accompanied by an adult)

Vaihtujuna on Visulahden huvipuistolaite

Pirate ship

The largest pirate ship in Finland is sure to fulfill your thrill-seeking desires, rapidly swinging side to side.

Height limit: 120 cm

Mini ATVs

Brrruuuuum!! Time for a drive! Come race on our recently completed gravel track.

Age limit: 6-12 years

Golf caddies

Go for a golf caddy drive on an asphalt track. The track has been extended for summer 2024.

Age limit: 9 years (no passenger age limit)

Bouncy castles

Time to bounce! There are bouncy castles for every occasion. You can come jump in your swimming clothing and cool off at the swimming pools afterwards.

No height or weight limit

Pomppulinnapuisto merirosvolaiva

Adventure track

The adventure track takes your climbing and balance abilities to a test.

No height or weight limit


Trampolines lure in both the bigger and smaller jumpers to enjoy the summer day.

No height or weight limit 

 Dino string game

Which string to pull? Dino string game is a funny activity where you always win.

Adventure castle

You get to climb, play around, and scout at the adventure castle. The crazy slides will tickle the stomach nicely. 

No age limit

Battle Station Rex – softball arena

Watch out for the flying balls! If you’re not alert, you might just get shot in the head by a softball. You sure can launch a counterattack and shoot your opponent with softballs to claim victory. 

No age limit

Air Soft pehmotykit Battle Station Rex

Dino fossils

What would Dinosauria be without dinosaurs? You get to see several large dino fossils around the Dinosauria park.

Waterslides, swimming pools, and steam sauna

Children are always under adult’s responsibility at the swimming pools. Take the swimming pool depth into account when entering the pools. 

Swimming pool for the younger children

Pool depth: 50cm

Speed-slide & pool

Pool depth: 50cm

Large swimming pool and waterslides

Pool depth: 1 m

Vesiliukumäki Dinosauriassa

Water Play – children’s pool

Who will end up under the tipping water tub? The Water Play – children’s pool has waterfalls and showers for every occasion. Screams of joy are familiar while the water is splashing on warm summer days.

Pool depth: 30cm

Niagara-carpet slide

Waterslide on pool mattresses that makes you tingle with excitement.

Age limit: 6 years, Weight limit: 100kg

Steam sauna

Visulahti’s steam sauna is located in the direct vicinity of the pools. The sauna is open for both men and women. Several locker rooms can be found near the swimming pools. 

Restaurant services & souvenirs


Selection consists of delicious grill food and drinks. Alcoholic beverages are also served.

Open every day through 8.6.-10.8.2024 according to park opening hours.

Ice-cream kiosk

Serves during park opening hours.

Souvenir store

Serves during park opening hours.

Coffee pot cafe

Serves cafeteria products during park opening hours.

Birthdays can also be arranged in the Coffee pot cafe through bookings.

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