With the Visulahti-wristband you can also entrance to the HyperDino. Visulahti’s indoor playing area, HyperDino, is aimed for children under 12-year-old. In HyperDino’s space-themed adventure park, your child can safely test his / her skills in climbing, bouncing and sliding in the slides. In HyperDino rainy day is not a problem, because the place is fully covered. There is also a game of skill area, where you can throw the ball, play basketball and floorball, challenge yourself with a climbing wall and have great time playing air hockey. A drawing wall is also available for young artists. While your child plays, you can enjoy pastry and a fresh coffee in the HyperDino’s cafeteria. In HyperDino you can arrange a sporty children’s invitations and memorable birthday parties. You can book the birthday room with servings. Visulahti’s Dino mascot can share the birthday gifts for children. Visulahti also remembers schools and kindergartens. A funny classtrip now available! For reservations and further information call number +358 (0)20 5010 500 or mail [email protected]

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