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In addition to its camp site, Visulahti has 30 holiday bungalows of hotel standard. These are available all year round and have such amenities as a bed linen, shower, kitchen, crockery, etc. The biggest have their own sauna. The bungalows vary in size from 32 to 77m2 and some can sleep up to nine. Accommodation is also available in camping cottages with bedding, lighting, a fridge and heating.

Holiday Bungalows

In Visulahti we have 30 beautiful holiday bungalows which are for two, four, six or eight persons. Bungalows are placed in five different blocks which is a nice way of living. Each block has its own color which are yellow, light brown, brown, green and blue. Every bungalow is equipped with TV, bed lining, kitchen, shower and most have a sauna and fireplace.


Holiday Bungalow layouts:

Holiday Bungalow for twoHoliday Bungalow for four

Holiday Bungalow with sauna for fourHoliday Bungalow with sauna for four

Holiday Bungalow for eight

Camping Cottages

We have also 29 camping cottages which are for four persons. Camping cottages are equipped with beds, fridge and electricity. Bed lining is not included.

Camping and Caravan area

Visulahti is a perfect camping site for families. We have 400 camping places, of which 200 with electricity. There are a lot of different activities like minigolf, tennis, Frisbee and beach soccer which are all included in the camping fee. On the area there is the à la carte restaurant Kulkuri.

In Visulahti you don´t need to be with empty stomach. You can find catering points from each part of the park. For example ala carte restaurant Kulkuri, enormous Coffee Pot and Dino grill are ready to serve you with delicious meals.

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Visulahti Saunas are located on the beach of the lake Saimaa. They provide a unique experience for all kind of sauna lovers all year round.

Our saunas can fit up to 30 people so they are suitable for families as well as bigger groups. We also deliver food to the sauna


  • 20€ / 50min / department
  • 40€ / 50min / 2 departments

Booking and information from number: +358 15 182 81.

The wide range of souvenirs, candies, swimsuits and a lot more can be found in Shops. Shops are located at Dinosauria’s main entrance, HyperDino and the Wax Museum.

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