Park rules

The rules given must be obeyed.

1. Children are always under the responsibility of the parents. Also in groups. One adult is required for every ten children.
2. Only swimming suits, swimming trunks, swimming shorts and other clothing especially made for swimming purposes allowed in the waterpark. No hanging metal parts allowed in clothing.
3. The damaging of Visulahti’s property is strictly prohibited. In intentional cases the offender will be removed from the premises and will be oblicated to pay for the damages caused.
4. All thefts and shopliftings will always be reported to the police. In addition the customer will be removed from the premises.
5. A person who does not obey the rules defined here or elsewhere or does not obey the guidelines given by the staff can be removed from the area of Visulahti.
6. The staff of Visulahti has the right to prevent the entrance of a person suspected of causing a risk or a disorder in the park area.
7. A person disturbing other customers will be removed from the park.
8. Commerce without permission in the park area is prohibited.
9. Misuse of entrance tickets or passes will lead to removal from the park.
10. All the attractions, pools, and sales points will be closed 15 minutes before the closing time.
11. Visulahti is not responsible for any items left in the dressing rooms.
12. Visulahti is not responsible for any accidents caused by disobeying of Visulahti’s instructions and/ or rules.

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